Innergie 65C USB-C Laptop Power Adapter 65W UK

36.90 includes VAT

  • Type: Laptop Charger
  • Watts: 65W


  • Compact 65-Watt USB-C power adapter featuring USB-C PD fast charge and built-in cable to improve charging convenience and enhance productivity.
  •  PD technology is an all-you-can-charge solution with five voltages of fast charge to power laptops, tablets, game devices, smartphones and more.
  • 2m bending-resistant built-in cable. Smaller than the iPhone XR size, it can power up your laptop anywhere.
  • First-class power management system from Delta provides a reliable charging experience and non-stop fun in gaming.
  • Premium material and excellent manufacturing guarantee a sturdy quality for long-lasting.
  • InnerShield™ OCP (Over Current Protection) OVP (Over Voltage Protection) OTP (Over Temperature Protection) OPP (Over Power Protection) SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
  • GreenSense™ The Innergie 65C’s highly efficient 90% power conversion rate not only ensures maximum power is made available for your devices, but that the environmental impact is reduced


  • Features No. of Outputs: 1, 5V DC/ 3A,9V DC/ 3A,15V DC/ 3A,20V DC/ 3A,
  • Total Output Power: 65W (Max.)
  • Dimensions 63 x 63 x 28.5 mm (main body)
  • Weight 210g / 7.4oz (main body)