About Solutions Wizard

Welcome to Galel Technologies – Welcome to the Solutions Wizard! For all the help you need with Technology in Cyprus or abroad…

Galel Technologies Ltd was founded in 2003 with the purpose of providing high standard Information Technology Services to both home and business users and give solution remedies in a variety of modern tech problems.

During the years and after working with all kind of people in a plethora of situations, we managed to gather knowledge and expertise in most aspects of the Information Technology spectrum thus being able to offer support to Architects, Civil Engineers, Mechanics, Photographers, Cinematographers, Accountants, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Gamers and let’s not forget the home user which lies in the middle of an ocean of things to absorb and learn.

Trust the Wizard!

You are more than welcome to pass by our workshop, one of the best, state of the art, repair centers in Limassol Cyprus offering repair for laptops, computers, smartphones, peripherals, gadgets and more.