Why should you blog?

One of the big words on the Internet nowadays is the word “blog”. Blogging is one exercise which any techie can engage in to improve their writing skills. When we improve our writing skills, we improve our ability to communicate with others. What you are reading now, is an example of one… Learning and Reference … Read more

Software Installations – Configurations – Setup

Software Installations - Configurations - Setup

We offer installation, configurations and updates of computer software. Including operating systems, device drivers, addons, plugins, specialised software according to your needs. Our main software repair services include: Operating system and software installation Data recovery and disaster assessment Network and wireless troubleshooting Virus, spyware, and adware removal Drivers and system updates Specialised Application installations

Computer – Laptop – Phone and other Electronic Repairs & Services

Computer - Laptop - Phone Repairs

Our specialist repair service covers all! Laptops, Netbooks, PC desktops, Smartphones, Tablets and most other computer peripherals.. We repair most if not all brands, makes and models available. We often work on the following brands: HP, ASUS, LENOVO, APPLE, DELL, TOSHIBA, ACER, SAMSUNG, FUJITSU, TOSHIBA and a few other. We have expertise and extensive experience … Read more