Why should you blog?

One of the big words on the Internet nowadays is the word “blog”. Blogging is one exercise which any techie can engage in to improve their writing skills. When we improve our writing skills, we improve our ability to communicate with others.

What you are reading now, is an example of one…

Learning and Reference

The initial motivation for me to start a blog was that I wanted a place where I can house my learning and reference from them whenever I need to. As a solutions provider, I often break big problems into smaller ones and solve them. In my leisure time, I also tend to anticipate future problems so that I can create little solutions before I need them.

By blogging the steps that I took to come out with solutions, I can easily find references to solving future problems. If you are also looking ahead and learning new things before you need it, having a blog is one good way to remember them for future problems.


Most people want to be heard when they speak and it can be frustrating when your ideas cannot get across to your intended audience. But unlike speech, you get more time to refine what you want to express, before delivering your content.

Hence blogging is a communication medium where techies can take time to ensure that they express themselves clearly before they publish their writings. And when we form the habit of refining what we want to say in our writing, we can improve our speech as well.

Unlike engaging in a face-to-face discussion with your selected audiences, audiences of your blog select you. When your posts are out there on the Internet, you can be sure that the random stranger that came to your website is going to “listen” to what you have to say without interrupting you.

By referring people to learn from your blog posts, you offload yourself from having to repeat difficult points

Even if no one is reading your posts, blogging is a way for techies to get their excitement and passion on technology topics out of their chest. After all, it can be unhealthy to bottle up emotions.

Build a portfolio

When you write consistently about technological stuff, you build a portfolio that showcases your expertise to anybody who are interested to work with you. Opportunities can come from recruiters, investors or customers who are interested to pay for your technical services after reading your blog posts.

As you blog, you get a steady stream of visitors to your blog. When your blog have regular viewership, it can quickly become one of your marketing channels if you happen to build something that you want to market.

All the best in your blogging journey!