On Demand Custom Builds

You want it all, you want it now! You are a professional, a perfectionist, you want the best of the best. Look no further. Here at Solutions Wizard we can build your dream machine or help you in building your dream machine! Want to DIY? Go ahead! You can find great deals on products in our Eshop to build your Custom PC.

Want to let the Wizard do their magic and build your Custom PC professionally, test it and set it up. You will get your build ready with Windows installed, best drivers installed, all updates performed, important addons, plugins and codecs for video, audio and other multimedia. You will get it tested and ready to switch on and work.

Custom PC builds price and delivery time depends on each individual project. Build labor Prices start at €50 + VAT.

https://solutionswizard.tech/shopContact us for your personal quote. or go in our Eshop to find some of our best offerings.